If you have been involved in a cycling accident contact an experienced bike accident attorney in Spokane

Have you or someone you love been involved in a bike accident?

Several Americans cycle regularly for leisure and as a means of transportation. They prefer cycling because it is environmentally friendly, fun, and cheaper. Unfortunately, cyclists are not safe from the dangers on our roads. In most cases, they take the brunt of the forces after a bike accident because they are not shielded from the dangers.

Bicycle accidents are not only traumatic, but they can also affect productivity. In the worst-case scenario, it can also cause death.

If you are a victim of a bicycle accident, you deserve compensation from the insurance company for lost productivity or wages, physical therapy, medical bills, and other expenses. But before you agree to the settlement offered by the insurance company, it is vital to get in touch with a reliable and experienced bicycle accident attorney to make sure you get fair and total compensation.

At Maurer Law, we strive to ensure that each bicycle accident victim gets fair and full compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and damages. Unfortunately, cyclists are not as protected as drivers. This is especially true since today’s cars have the latest safety equipment and technology. On the other hand, cyclists can only count on their helmets for protection against the momentum of a speeding car.

Hundreds of bike accidents occur throughout the year here in Spokane and the surrounding areas. Fortunately, our certified and friendly bike crash attorney at Maurer Law is ready to help you through your unfortunate ordeal. Our bicycle accident attorney will interview witnesses, collect evidence, file the paperwork for you, and evaluate your claim to help you get the proper compensation for your medical expenses and damages.

We partner with a network of certified medical practitioners and doctors who are ready and willing to diagnose your injury and support your claim with their wealth of medical knowledge.

Spokane’s Most Reliable Bike Crash Attorney

Many auto owners in Washington and other states usually have PIP or personal injury insurance to cater to injuries suffered by injured cyclists. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies make it hard for cyclists to file these claims. The good news is that our experienced Spokane bicycle attorney will help you through this complicated process.

We strive to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for all the troubles. Our bike accident attorney has extensive knowledge and is ready to help you get fair compensation through all your available insurance plans. If the insurance company fails to compensate you fairly, we can represent you in court to ensure you get the proper compensation.

How We Determine Fault After a Bike Crash

Most people assume that drivers are usually at fault for causing a bicycle accident. However, the reality is that both bicyclists and drivers share the same roads and follow the same rules. Even though motorists cause most bicycle accidents, bicyclists also cause these accidents sometimes.

It is rare for a bicyclist to cause an accident. Usually, it is the fault of the driver, or both the driver and bicyclist can cause the accident. Our experienced bicycle crash attorney will question witnesses and conduct a thorough investigation to determine who is at fault after the accident.

Bicycle Accident Laws in Washington

The state has put policies in place to protect cyclists. Here are the three major laws about bike accidents in Washington.

  • Bicyclists should yield the right of way to drivers if there is no crosswalk.
  • Where there are bike lanes, bicyclists have the right of way if the car moves towards the bike lane.
  • Drivers should yield the right of way if a bicyclist is at an intersection with a crosswalk, even if they have the green light.

Although these rules state clearly what drivers and bicyclists should do, it is still challenging to identify the guilty party. As such, it is best to hire an experienced bike crash attorney in Spokane and the surrounding areas to help determine who is at fault.

How Much is Your Bike Accident Claim Worth?

Many factors come into play when deciding the worth of your bicycle accident claim. Our Spokane bike crash attorney says that the following factors should be considered when calculating the worth of your bike accident claim.

At-fault Party’s Insurance Coverage

After the coalition, the first thing that should be considered is the other party’s insurance policy. The auto insurance company is unlikely to pay more than the actual amount of the insurance plan. For instance, if the guilty party has $50,000 in liability insurance, the highest amount the company can pay is $50,000.

The Actual Expenses

The severity and types of injuries you have suffered will also determine the total value of your bicycle accident claim.

Lost Income and Incurred Future Medical Bills

It would be best to consider lost income and incurred medical bills when calculating the total value of your injury claim.

If the at-fault party has a solid case, you are likely to have a hard time in court. That is why you should hire the most trusted bicycle accident lawyer here in Spokane and the surrounding cities.

Need Help With Your Bicycle Accident Claim? Our Experienced Bike Crash Attorney Can Help

Bicycle accidents can be traumatic events. However, you should not be in a hurry to accept a claim that does not compensate you fully for lost income and incurred expenses and damages. Before settling for a claim, make sure to get in touch with the most trusted Spokane bicycle accident attorney to discover all your options.

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