Has your child been injured in an accident, due to someone else's negligence?

Nothing can be more tragic than the injury of a child. When your child is injured, you may feel helpless, overwhelmed, and lost.

At Maurer Law, we are dedicated to helping families hold negligent individuals and companies alike, legally and financially accountable for wrongful acts resulting in the injury or death of a child.

At Maurer Law, we have extensive experience settling personal injury claims of minors. We have also have ample experience acting as court-appointed guardians ensuring the best interest of the minor.

While no amount of money can make up for a child being hurt, we understand that having the money available to pay for your child’s care is crucial. We have the medical knowledge and years of experience needed to assist families in receiving reimbursements for past, present or future medical care.

We will gather all the important evidence and details pertaining to your case, and provide compassionate support through every step of this difficult time.

Contact us here or call (509) 838-9111 immediately if you were injured and want to seek damages.