Life can throw any number of unfortunate, if not dire, circumstances your way, no matter who you are or where you’re from. From car accidents and personal injuries to civil rights and wrongful death incidents, you can never fully know what is lying just around the corner. That’s why, in the event that one is personally injured due to some other individual’s or entity’s negligence, they often seek out the professional assistance of an attorney from a reputable law firm in Spokane, WA.

The Maurer Law Approach

We treat every case that comes across our desk with the utmost level of seriousness and dedication. That’s because we believe that everyone deserves just compensation for the hardships they’ve had to undergo due to some other entity’s negligence.

Moreover, we treat integrity and ethics as the cornerstone of our law firm. Maurer Law prides itself on an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professional responsibility while simultaneously helping our clients navigate the complex legal landscapes that stand between them and their rightful compensation.


As the head of our law firm in Spokane, WA, Joshua Maurer dedicated his career and life to helping victims across the greater Spokane area. With an extensive background in law and a track record of success to his name, he strives to help every client who is seeking legal representation for their unique case.

Joshua Maurer was born and raised in Ellensburg, Washington. He attended Central Washington University and graduated in 2003. His family’s lives were changed forever when his brother and cousin was in catastrophic accident with a drunk driver. Due to this event, Joshua Maurer decided to pursue personal injury law. He saw how other people’s negligent acts could change and impact another’s life.In 2004 Joshua Maurer began pursuing his law degree. During law school, he worked at the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office and a personal injury firm. While on summer break he also worked various construction and manual labor jobs to help pay for law school. Mr. Maurer graduated Gonzaga Law School in 2007.

Joshua Maurer opened his firm in 2011. Since then his firm has focused primarily on personal injury and employment law. Mr. Maurer is dedicated to his practice and strives to go above and beyond for his clients. Joshua Maurer has ten (10) years of trial experience, handling both simple and complex litigation cases, and has represented a variety of different types of clients. Mr. Maurer is also an adjunct professor in the MBA program at Whitworth University, teaching International Law. Joshua Maurer currently lives in Spokane, WA with his wife and children. Mr. Maurer is an active member of his community. He regularly volunteers at the Sinto Senior Center and is a proud sponsor of the Cheney Rodeo and the former First Night Spokane event. He regularly participates in Gonzaga Law School’s Linden Cup and Moot Court Honors Council. He also coaches his son’s basketball, baseball, and summer league teams.

Currently, Mr. Maurer is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the Spokane County Bar Association. Joshua Maurer remains committed to his clients and fighting for their rights.

Types of Cases We Commonly Handle

Whether you need a strong advocate to stand by your case for a motorcycle accident or an attorney to help take the lead in a wrongful death claim so you can better focus on the mental health and well-being of you and your family, Maurer Law is here to provide assistance. A few of the most common cases we handle include:

  • Auto accidents From car and truck accidents to commercial vehicle collisions and motorcycle crashes, even momentary negligence out on the road can lead to disastrous consequences. If you have been harmed in an auto accident, Maurer Law can help. 
  • Construction accidents Construction workers take on some of the most dangerous jobs in the county. If you or a loved one is a construction worker who has recently experienced a construction site accident, you have options with Maurer Law to seek out your deserved compensation.
  • Wrongful death incidents — In the most devastating of instances of negligence, the consequences for the victim can be death. If you have a loved one who was wrongfully killed as a result of individual, corporate, or governmental negligence, Joshua Maurer would like to help argue your case. With his extensive experience and empathetic approach to these cases, he could be a strong advocate to have by your side. 

Seek Your Justice as Soon as Possible

When it comes to achieving the best chance of success for your unique case, seeking justice soon after the events that unfolded is crucial. Not only is gathering and preserving evidence more complicated as time passes, but depending on what kind of claim you are making, there are a number of statutes of limitations that may restrict your timeline. As such, Maurer Law is ready and able to help in a timely manner when you need us as your law firm in Spokane, WA.

Let’s Talk About Your Case Today

The pursuit of justice is never easy—so a little help can go a long way. If you or someone you love has a personal injury claim that you’d like to take to the legal system, Maurer Law is available to be your law firm in Spokane, WA. Let our experience and dedication work for you, turning every challenge into an opportunity to further solidify and strengthen your case. You can reach us easily by phone at 509-838-9111 or through our online form.