Personal Injury claims

"Personal injury” is simply a legal term that means you have suffered a physical injury. When you are hurt because another person — or company — was neglectful or careless, the law has ways to hold them responsible. Injury claims can be complex
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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when the person providing medical care fails to provide adequate treatment and disregards standard procedures, resulting in the death or injury of a patient.
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car accident claims

Washington has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. Learn about topics from field sobriety tests to Department of Licensing hearings. I can help you navigate the legal maze. Contact me now to set up a free initial consultation
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Joshua Maurer was born in Ellensburg, Washington. He’s very proud of his state and chose to settle in Spokane after graduating from law school. Josh is a hard worker who put himself through both college and law school. He lives here with his wife and children, and he is active in the community. He loves the area and is passionate about helping the people of Spokane. Josh Maurer is an experienced Spokane attorney focusing on the areas of personal injury, employment, and criminal law.

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Maurer Law provides legal representation for personal injury claims, medical malpractice cases, and auto accident claims.

We help our clients navigate the complexities of their unique legal situation.

As a trial attorney with years of experience, Joshua Maurer truly cares about his clients and strives to provide them with the reassurance that he will obtain the best possible outcome for their case.

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Pre-Litigation Paralegal

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Insurance is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the company involved in your claim can afford to fight you for years. The adjuster assigned to your case is educated and trained to devalue your claim. This is often accomplished by intimidation. Without the assistance of a lawyer, very few people understand the factors which increase or decrease the value of their claim. In addition, very few people understand the rules of evidence and are not familiar with the many limitations the court will impose when presenting a case. An adjuster will use this against you. Unfortunately, the only way to fight back is with the assistance of a lawyer who is trained to fight the adjuster to get compensation for their client.

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