Have you or a loved one been injured by a medication error?

If so, then you may be entitled to compensation. We are here to help.

Maurer Law is a Spokane based law firm for those who have suffered from medication errors and we can help you get the justice that you deserve.

The last thing any patient wants after taking their medications as instructed by their doctor is to find out later they were wrongfully given another drug or incorrect dosage of theirs own medicine. 

That’s why our team at Maurer Law has come together to ensure that patients everywhere receive proper care when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices used for treatment purposes.

Our goal is simple – protect those who need protecting most from being harmed by negligent parties due to mishandling of prescriptions and other medical devices meant for use during surgery procedures or recovery periods following them.

Let us take care of everything while ensuring complete transparency throughout the entire process so that no one feels alone in this difficult situation!

Our team will fight tirelessly on your behalf and make sure that your voice is heard in court. You don’t have to go through this alone; let us guide you through this difficult time with our expertise and experience in pharmaceutical litigation cases.

If you have been affected due to pharmaceutical negligence call us today to discuss your case  509-838-9111. 

There is no fee unless we collect a settlement for you, so reach out today!