winter car accidents

5 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Prevent Winter Car Accidents

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winter car accidents

According to statistics, more than 100,000 people were reported injured in vehicle crashes involving snowy, slushy, or icy pavement. And while this number continues to increase as the years go on, it urges drivers to take their defensive driving skills to the next level. 

It’s no secret. Drivers don’t always keep up with the latest accident prevention articles on the web. But with the colder months quickly approaching, winter weather driving tips may be just what you need to keep safe.

Is your car ready for snowy conditions? Even expert driving skills won’t prevent winter car accidents if you don’t keep your car maintained. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Replace Broken Windshield Wipers

The first step to preventing winter car accidents is examining your windshield wipers. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you may want to check and see if your windshield wipers aren’t cracked, bent, or chipped.

Have you ever tried cleaning your windshield with broken windshield wipers? It reduces visibility and can be one of the most hazardous situations when extreme weather hits.

2. Check Your Lights

The lights in your vehicle can be one of the most overlooked elements. But apart from preventing possible winter car accidents, functioning lights are also part of the law. It’s suggested to check lights twice a week before getting on the road.

3. Check for Worn-Out Tires

Trying to stop balding tires can be one of the most dangerous situations you can be in during the winter months. Because worn-out tires can cause your vehicle to hydroplane, there’s a high possibility that your car will skid during inclement weather. 

4. Monitor Your Vehicle’s Fluids

Did you know that your vehicle utilizes coolant all year round? Even during the colder months, freon helps bring your vehicle’s temperatures to where it needs to be. Because you’ll be utilizing the radiator more than usual, you put yourself at a higher risk of overheating. 

5. Warm Your Vehicle Properly

Last on the list is making sure your car is warmed up properly. Vehicles are composed of various elements that need to be warmed up before driving. When the temperature hits below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended that you warm the car up for at least a minute. 

Also, don’t blast your car’s heater right away! You should let the engine warm-up first to prevent significant damages.

Prevent Winter Car Accidents and More!

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