auto accidents in summer

Why Most Auto Accidents Occur In Summer

In Car Accidents in Spokane Valley WA by Jeremy Friedland

auto accidents in summer

The second November hits, you see articles everywhere about winter driving. Everyone is talking about the extra risk it carries and how to be safe in the snow.

That’s great to see and it tends to educate people well. The problem is that winter isn’t the only time driving is dangerous.

Auto accidents in summer are more common occurrences than people realize. The season doesn’t get the publicity that winter does so few drivers know the risks. Today is the day you can change that.

Why There Are More Auto Accidents in Summer

Summer may not put ice on the roads but it has plenty of hazards of its own. In fact, there are several reasons accident rates increase during this time.

Teen Drivers

It’s a known fact that inexperienced teenage drivers cause a large number of auto car accidents. In fact, drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are three times more likely to be in crashes than those 20 and older.

During the summer, these teenage drivers are out of school. Instead of spending their days studying and playing sports they’re out on the road with their friends.

Vacation Time

Summers are popular times for families to take vacations. Kids are out of school and many employers are lax about taking time off during the summer.

Vacations come with a high risk of a car accident, though. People aren’t just driving long distances but they’re driving in unfamiliar areas. It’s far harder to drive safely while you’re trying to figure out where to turn.

Roadway Construction

They might as well rename “summer” to “construction season.” Construction companies take advantage of the beautiful weather and projects seem to pop up around every corner.

All this construction is a serious risk factor for auto accidents. It leads to unexpected curves, lane changes, detours, tight spaces, and more.

To top it all off, construction projects often cause traffic backups. This sends road rage surging and raises the risk of a collision even higher.

The Partying Factor

Summer is when we let our hair down and party. Between barbecues, weddings, and bonfires, everyone’s enjoying a good time.

The problem is that this leads to higher drinking and driving rates. It’s no coincidence that the worst days of the year for drunk driving are all holidays. Partying during the summer has the same effect.

Mechanical Difficulties

As hard as you try to avoid an accident, sometimes your vehicle adds to the problem. Mechanical failures can lead to a serious injury accident in an instant.

One particularly dangerous problem is a tire blowout. It can throw off your car’s balance and make you lose control of the vehicle.

Tires are more likely to blow out during the summer because the hot weather expands the air inside them. If your tires are weak or worn, that extra pressure can lead to a blowout.

What to Do If You’re a Victim of Summer Roads

They may not get as much publicity, but auto accidents in summer are more common than you may realize because all the risk factors above come together.

If you become a victim of the summer roadways, call our Spokane personal injury attorneys for help.