When Should I Consider Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

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When a person is injured in any type of accident, hiring a personal injury lawyer may be beneficial. Those who are injured are entitled to compensation for their injuries when an accident is not their fault. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is often a challenge. That is why the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney allows an injured person to get a fair and reasonable settlement. While filing a lawsuit is helpful in many cases, it is not the only available option. Discussing accident circumstances with an injury lawyer to determine the validity of a lawsuit is important.Accident Claims and Insurance Companies

When people are injured in an auto or any other type of accident, a person’s first line of defense is to file a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault party, which is all that needs to be done with many simple claims. A personal injury lawyer is likely to be needed when any injuries are more serious. Insurance companies want to keep claim costs down; as a result, they will attempt to settle out of court, if possible. In many cases, that is a fair amount. It just isn’t true with every type of personal injury and the settlement offered may seem much lower to the injured person.

When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring an experienced injury lawyer is more important when the accident and resulting injury is more serious. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is when the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney who understands how insurance companies settle claims is important and more likely to result in a higher settlement than what was originally extended by the insurance company

Most people who have never faced a personal injury often think only of medical damages and overlook other incurred costs, such as time missed from work, having to hire someone to mow your lawn when you usually did it yourself, and other financial hardships caused by the accident. Filing a lawsuit will preserve the applicable statute of limitations as well as help determine fault and degree of fault.

An experienced personal injury lawyer presents all aspects of a claim and requests a settlement that will include out-of-pocket expenses that might be incurred after the claim settles as well as consideration for any pain and suffering experienced by the injured party. A judge or jury then determines the appropriate award for damages that must be paid by either the at-fault party or their insurance company . Filing a lawsuit gives the injured party the best chance to receive the fairest settlement for their injury.

When May A Lawsuit Not Be Filed?

Although having an injury attorney file a lawsuit is usually recommended in most cases where there is significant injury and substantial financial damages, not all injury cases have to process through the court system. Less serious injuries, lower property damage, and reasonable settlement offers by the insurance company can make settling out of court the best route and yield a fair and just settlement. Although dealing with an insurance company must be handled carefully, a personal injury attorney may be able to reach a fair settlement for injured clients without filing a lawsuit.

If you have been injured in an accident and have questions about whether you should file a personal injury lawsuit, see the advice of a local personal injury lawyer who can recommend whether a lawsuit should be filed. Protect your interests and help your recovery through the expertise of a personal injury attorney!

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