uber car accident

An Uber Disaster: What Happens After You’ve Been Involved in an Uber Car Accident

In Car Accident Attorney Spokane WA by Jeremy Friedland

uber car accident

So, you’re out on a Saturday night during the summer and you decide to be safe and call an Uber. The Uber arrives, and as usual, they begin to drive you home after a fun-filled evening.

Then, all the sudden, you feel the car jerk and collide with something. As you look up, you notice that you and your Uber driver were just in a car accident. You’re not sure what actually happened and you feel shocked that this incident just occurred.

An Uber car accident can be confusing. And, while we hope a situation like this never happens to you, accidents do happen.

Uber drivers need to be safe drivers. They also need to have insurance and pass a background check to become Uber drivers. But, when they’re on the clock, who actually pays for any injuries or damage?

And, if you’re injured, who will pay for your medical bills?

Read on to find out exactly what to do after an Uber car accident and who you should expect to pay.

Uber Car Accident: Who’s Responsible?

An Uber car accident can certainly be a headache after a great evening out. Uber’s policies, however, protect them from paying out in certain circumstances. For example, when the accident is the other driver’s fault.

Uber will pay, however, if the Uber driver’s or the other driver’s insurance policy does not cover costs and damages to the passenger or Uber driver. Typically speaking, all costs will be directed towards the drivers of the accident and not Uber.

So, what should you do if an accident does occur while taking an Uber?

1. Call 911

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re injured or not following a car accident. This is because of the rush of adrenaline and being in a state of shock. To make sure that you’re not injured and that everyone else is okay, call 911.

Calling 911 will also document the accident in case legal action needs to be pursued.

2. Take Photos and Videos

If you are able to, take photos and videos of the accident scene. Include in the photos and videos any immediate injuries you notice as well. Make note of nearby street signs, the cars involved, and any bystanders.

3. Get Each Party’s Information

Make sure to get the insurance and contact information from your Uber Driver and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Depending on who is officially at fault for the accident will determine who is responsible for paying any medical bills you may have.

In the event you need to sue or file a claim, this information will be extremely important.

4. Create a Personal Account

In your cellphone or on a piece of paper, write down exactly what happened. Write down what you remember and how you felt immediately following the accident. This will help to eliminate any confusion later on.

5. Witness Contact Information

Collect contact information from any bystanders who witnessed the crash. These people can be very helpful when trying to prove your case if needed.

Uber Car Accident: Call an Attorney

If you were in an Uber car accident and were injured, then you need to call an attorney. An attorney can help you to get the settlement money you deserve. They can also help to navigate Uber’s policies and speak with the insurance company.

Need to hire an attorney after a car accident? Contact us today for a consultation.