tips for driving in the snow

Top Tips for Driving in the Snow and Ice This Winter

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tips for driving in the snow

Driving in the snow is no light matter. 24% of weather-related car accidents occur on snowy or icy roads. More than 1,300 Americans die every year due to these collisions. Read this top tips for driving in snow and ice in this winter season.

Even an inch of snow and ice can lead to a fatal accident. If you want to stay safe and avoid legal problems, you need to learn tips for driving in the snow. 

What should you do before you leave your home? What tools can help you stay safe if your car breaks down? How should you practice defensive driving in the snow? 

Answer these questions and you can master how to drive on ice safely in no time. Here is your quick guide to essential driving in the snow tips.

Plan Your Route

Before you start driving, you should figure out your destination and route. Try to pick roads that are away from bodies of water and have less exposure to the elements. You should also avoid congested roads so you spend less time driving.

Give yourself options in case your route gets closed. You should also look into using public transportation instead of driving your car. Workers will take care of bus routes and train tracks, decreasing your chance of being in an accident.

Check Your Vehicle Before Leaving

Start your car and make sure the engine can run properly. You should test your headlights, turn signals, wipers, and tires as well.

Run your heater and set it to the temperature that makes you the most comfortable. You can fix your car heater if it is not working by adding coolant, or have a mechanic look at your thermostat.

If you don’t have snow tires on your car, you should put them on. Wrapping chains around your tires can help, but the chains can slip off or damage your suspension. 

Pack Emergency Supplies

You should pack all of the supplies you need to take care of yourself if your car breaks down. You should have a high-visibility vest, blanket, and first aid kit. Pack a radio with batteries so you can contact someone if you lose your cell phone signal. 

You can buy these supplies from hardware stores and auto repair shops. Feel free to ask an employee for additional winter driving tips if you feel you need them.

Drive Defensively

Learning how to drive in the snow safely means learning how to be a defensive driver. It can take four times longer to brake on icy roads than on other types of roads. Be gentle with your accelerator and do not increase your speed if you’re not sure you have clear space in front of you. 

If your car begins to skid, steer into the skid. Keep your feet off the pedals, then steer your car in the direction you want to go without jerking the wheel too hard. 

Study Tips for Driving in the Snow

Tips for driving in the snow are simple, yet they can save your life. Select a route without wet and congested roads. Inspect your car before leaving and make sure your tires can grip the terrain. 

Buy supplies that you need to repair your car and keep warm. Drive below the speed limit and scan your windows and mirrors for any obstacles in your way. Keep calm if your car skids and do not change your speed. 

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