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Steps for Claiming Injury Compensation After a Road Accident

In Car Accident Attorney Spokane WA by Jeremy Friedland

injury compensation

Have you recently been involved in an accident, and you aren’t sure what to do next? Are there injuries involved in the loss, and you don’t know if you should seek treatment? Being involved in an auto accident is everyone’s worst nightmare, especially when there are injuries involved.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you might want to take a good look at this article. We will go over what to do after an accident and who you can contact to handle your injury compensation claim. 

What to Do After an Accident

Typically, after the accident occurs, you and the other party will exchange information. If the other person does not want to offer their information, you may need to contact the police.

Law enforcement will take your statement about what happened, and they will do the same with the other driver.

Please keep in mind that the officer is not the person who determines liability. They can provide tickets for any traffic violations, but the auto insurance company will make the final liability decision. 

Check for Injuries

You may not realize that you are injured in the accident due to your adrenaline rushing. Once you are calm, make sure you document your injuries. Also, make sure to take note of any injuries that your passengers may have.

Documentation of all types of injuries can help the personal injury compensation process. If you have to miss work because of your injuries, make sure to document that also. 

Create a Claim

Once you have the other driver’s information and have sought treatment, you will need to call the auto insurance company.

The insurance company will assign you an adjuster who will handle the entire claims process. This adjuster will also be able to help you with your motor accident injury compensation. 

Should I Hire an Attorney?

If you are not getting the right injury compensation you deserve, you may need to seek counsel. Your attorney will be able to review your case, and they will guide you in the right direction.

It is also good to retain counsel if the fault is being contested due to conflicting stories. Once you have hired an attorney, you will not be able to speak with the insurance adjuster. Your attorney will be in contact with the adjuster for the settlement process. 

What Can I Receive Compensation For?

Not only can you receive compensation for your injuries, but you can also receive compensation for missing work. If you have to go to the doctor and miss work, you can receive compensation for lost wages. 

Other possible compensations are:

  • Physical therapy
  • Lost future earnings
  • Punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering

When you are partnering with your attorney, make sure to go over all the possible things you could receive compensation for. There could be other compensations that you may not be aware of. 

You’re Entitled to Injury Compensation

Auto accidents can be extremely inconvenient and stressful to deal with on top of what you already have to handle daily. It is best to partner with a knowledgeable attorney who will give you the injury compensation you deserve.

If you are looking for auto injury compensation or whiplash injury compensation, contact us now! We also handle motorcycle accident injury compensation and winter-weather injury compensation cases. We offer free case evaluations!