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Spokane Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Summer Driving Tips

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People often think of winter as the most dangerous time to drive.

However, the summer months cause their own unique driving hazards.

It’s important to be prepared for this kind of driving. You don’t want to ruin your summer fun with an accident.

Then you’ll have to spend your time getting in touch with a Spokane personal injury attorney. You’d rather be at the beach!

Summer is almost here which means more drivers will be traveling on local and state roads. Read on for Spokane Personal Injury Attorney summer driving tips.

1. Watch Out For Pedestrians and Motorcyclists

Nice weather brings people out of their homes. Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and children at play are out and about.

When switching lanes, always check for motorcyclists. When a ball bounces into the street, be prepared that a child will probably dart out soon after.

Most importantly, don’t drive distracted. According to research, over 3,000 people die a year from distracted driving. This includes texting, eating, and putting on makeup.

2. Be Careful While Driving in Summer Showers

Even a light sprinkle can be very dangerous. As it begins to rain, the water mixes with oil on the street. This makes it incredibly slippery.

It takes about a half hour of steady rain for the oil to wash away.

In heavy rain, you have to worry about hydroplaning. To avoid this, drive slower than usual.

If you do find yourself hydroplaning, never hit your breaks. Find an open spot and gently steer towards it.

3. Now’s The Time to Do Some Annual Maintenance

After a long winter of driving on snow, it’s a good time to take in your car for a tune-up.

If you have snow tires, have them switched out for regular ones. If you don’t, make sure that your tires are still in good shape.

Get your oil and battery checked. The heat will wear out a battery quicker. If yours is a few years old, you risk a dead battery.

No one wants their car to not start halfway through a hot, summer road trip!

4. Be Prepared for Heat and Sun Glare

Speaking of heat, don’t get caught in a dangerous situation. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water in case of a breakdown.

Never leave a child or pet in the car, even for a minute. Weather experts say that even on a 60-degree day, being left in the car could be deadly for pets.

When it comes to sun glare, always drive with sunglasses and use the car visor.

5. Keep Your Allergies in Check

Allergies can cause a huge distraction while driving. If you are constantly sneezing, you are taking your eyes off the road.

If you eyes are watery and itchy, that can impair your vision. Especially if you have contact lenses. You don’t want to risk one popping out because you rubbed your eye.

Get on some allergy medication. First, make sure what you’re taking doesn’t cause drowsiness. That’s no good for driving!

We hope you found these tips from a Spokane personal injury attorney helpful!

Summer is a difficult time to drive. However, the winter presents its own challenges.

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