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Personal Injury Attorney Spokane: Three Safe Driving Habits

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Driving in Spokane, Washington isn’t always easy. Between irresponsible drivers, unexpected pedestrians, potholes, ever-increasing traffic, and poor winter weather, you have your work cut out for you. 

This means that it’s more important than ever to practice safe driving habits and work on being a better defensive driver. The majority of people believe that they’re above-average drivers, but this is obviously untrue. This leads them to be less careful when they’re on the road.

Our personal injury attorney in Spokane is here to offer some advice to keep you safe. Read on for our top tips for safe driving. 

1. Stay Observant

Part of being a defensive driver is observing your surroundings carefully while you’re on the road. Remember to always expect the unexpected. It might seem unfair to expect the worst from other drivers and pedestrians, but it’s how you can keep yourself safe.

When you’re on the highway, pay close attention to the people around you (and take note of what’s ahead). It’s not uncommon for drivers to come to sudden stops during rush hour. 

With the abundance of new residents in Spokane, you’re going to be driving alongside many drivers who are unfamiliar with their surroundings (and you may be one of those people yourself). Whether they lose track of one-way streets or find themselves lost, they’re more likely to create hazardous conditions. 

Keep an eye on pedestrians walking nearby. They have right of way in most situations, and even the best personal injury attorney in Spokane, WA will struggle to find them at fault. 

2. Avoid Unfamiliar Unsafe Conditions

With winter well underway, every auto accident attorney in Spokane knows that accidents are going to be on the rise. If you’re not yet familiar with snowy weather, it’s in your best interest to take it slow and avoid driving in it when possible. Don’t overestimate your driving abilities. 

Avoid driving when you can. Consider carpooling with other drivers or taking advantage of local public transportation options. If you must drive in the snow, practice on back roads and don’t be afraid to take it slow.

3. Avoid Distractions

Even the best driver can cause an accident if they’re distracted while they’re on the road. Do everything in your power to avoid distractions while you’re behind the wheel.

This means that you should avoid interacting too much with passengers, avoid speaking on the phone when possible, and avoid eating in the car. Even taking your eyes off of the road ahead of you for a moment can end in disaster. 

Take This Advice From Your Personal Injury Attorney in Spokane

Everyone is capable of being a safe driver with these driving tips. Keep them in mind next time you’re on the road. Remember: stay observant, avoid distractions, and avoid driving in conditions that you’re not ready to handle. 

Even with these tips, it’s always possible to find yourself in a car accident. That’s where your trusted personal injury attorney in Spokane comes to save the day.

If you’re in need of legal support, contact us for a free case evaluation today.

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