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Head Injury From a Car Accident: Legal Steps to Take for Compensation

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A head injury from a car accident is one of the most damaging and disruptive types of injuries a survivor can face.

The potential for lifelong damage stemming from traumatic brain injury, brain damage, nerve damage, or PTSD is high, which is why anyone involved in a head injury from car accident incidents should be aware of their rights to claim damages.

As dangerous and lethal car accidents in Washington State hit an all-time high, it has never been more urgent to know your rights. Here’s what you need to know about car accident injury claims for head injuries in Spokane. 

Counting the Damages for Head Injury From Car Accident Claims

Before you consult a personal injury lawyer, it is essential that you are able to demonstrate the damages from your injury. If you have suffered head trauma, you will likely be facing substantial medical bills.

Then there are the days, weeks, months, or years of missed work and lost wages. On top of this, there may be additional cost liabilities for your dependents to account for.

And of course, always consider the emotional and mental damages from a traumatic injury. It might feel difficult to look at things from the perspective of numbers, but this will prove invaluable when filing your claim and seeking compensation that sufficiently covers your suffering. 

Document Everything

In any legal case, every piece of evidence counts. One non-negotiable piece of head trauma legal advice we can offer is to document everything you can.

If possible, take photos of everything at the scene of the accident, and get the details of any responsible party or witnesses. Save all of your medical records and bills, and make sure to get an official police report.

Don’t forget to document any property damage on top of damages related to your head injury. All of this will greatly strengthen your case for post-accident compensation. 

Understand State Laws

Before the fight for compensation can begin, you need to know where you stand in the eyes of the law.

In Washington State, you must file a claim within three years of the accident in order to be considered eligible for damages. If you miss this deadline, there is no obligation to consider your case. On top of this, note that Washington State follows a “comparative fault” rule.

This means that if you are determined to be partly at fault for the accident, any compensation will be significantly reduced. Always communicate openly and honestly with your lawyer to avoid these pitfalls. 

Auto Accident Experts in Spokane, WA

By having a clear picture of the damages caused by head injury from car accident cases, documenting everything, and knowing local laws, you can file a case on the strongest possible footing. If you are seeking representation, we can fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

At Maurer Law, our experienced legal experts specialize in auto accident injuries and know exactly how to fight your case. Do not hesitate to get in touch to find out exactly how we can help.

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