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Get Home Safe: 5 Driving Tips to Remember

In Car Accident Lawyers in Spokane WA by Jeremy Friedland

driving tips

There are more than 6 million car accidents in the US every year. These are staggering numbers regarding the safety of our roads. However, this statistic is not meant to scare you. Instead, it’s to remind you to stay attentive when driving. Every time you get behind the wheel it’s important to stay focused. While vigilant driving is always a good idea, it’s particularly important in poor weather. Considering it is still snowing in Spokane, this guide is going to examine 5 driving tips to practice during the winter.

Read more about them below, and keep them in mind to ensure that you get home safe. 

1) Hands in Position 

You may have been taught to hold the steering at the 10 and 2 positions. 

However, that is a common misconception. The NHTSA now suggests that a 9 and 3 position is better. This technique will give you the best grip for handling on slick, snowy roads.

There is an added element for driver safety. In the event of an airbag deployment, your arms and hands are safer along the sides of the steering wheel. This will keep the airbag from slamming your hands and breaking bones.

It might take some time to get used to this habit, but you’ll be much safer behind the wheel. 

2) Defensive Driving

Other drivers are unreliable. They may be distracted, and you can never be sure what they are thinking or planning. As such, you need to get into the habit of defensive driving

Keep your head on a swivel and eyes in the mirror. Understand your surroundings, speed limit, and driving route.

Furthermore, give yourself a cushion from the cars around you. This will give you room to brake or make decisions. You always need a window of error for unexpected occurrences. 

3) Check the Weather Report

Be sure to check the weather report before you drive. Particularly on longer drives, the weather can be unpredictable. Without warning it can start snowing, the temperature can drop, or you may find yourself driving on ice.

Ugly weather will require more precautions. Prepare by yourself by knowing the forecast. 

4) Avoid Distractions 

Although there are many things to make driving comfortable, remember the first objective is to arrive at places safely. 

As such, it’s critical to avoid distraction. The radio, the air conditioner, and Bluetooth are some of the things that can take your mind off the road. 

These things come second to safety. Ignore them until you are sure they won’t distract you from driving. 

5) Car Maintenance

Safety starts before you even put your key in the ignition.  Routine car maintenance plays an important role in safe driving. This means checking your tire pressure, monitoring the fluids, and ensuring the lights work. 

It’s little things that keep you and your car secure.

Keep These Driving Tips in Mind

Remember, you can’t rely on other drivers. Be vigilant, be aware, and keep these driving tips in mind to safely get where you are going. 

Of course, if you are in a car accident, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our auto accident attorney will give you an honest evaluation.