motorcycle accident attorney

How to Find the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most fatal. For example, in 2015, 4,976 people died, and 88,000 were injured due to motorcycle accidents.

When you or your loved one is involved in a crash, you want to have a reliable motorcycle accident attorney on your side. Sadly, good lawyers are hard to come by just with a simple phone call. It takes a bit of searching, interviewing, and consulting.

In this post, we’re are going to show you how to find the right lawyer for your case. Read on to learn more.

Talk to People

This is where you start if you’ve never dealt with a motorcycle injury case before.

Your friends and colleagues can be quite resourceful in identifying the right attorney. Let them tell you how they picked a lawyer for their own injury claims. However, don’t make decisions solely on the basis of your friends’ recommendations.

If you have a family lawyer or have ever worked with an attorney before, you can approach them for consultation. Lawyers usually refer cases to one another, so a good one can be of great help.

Create a list of lawyers that you were referred to and find time for a phone or face-to-face talk.

General Experience Matters

Working with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney increases your chances of getting a reasonable compensation.

Find out how long the lawyer has been in practice. You also need to know the number of similar cases they have taken in the past or last one year. It’s also important to know if the lawyer usually represents defendants or plaintiffs.

The last thing you want is working with a lawyer who has mainly been taking cases for defendants. This means that they might not have the right experience and attitude for representing plaintiffs.

When you’re talking to a law firm, make sure to work with the particular lawyer who will handle your case. In some cases, you can have two or more lawyers depending on the depth and extent of your claim.


A lawyer’s reputation helps you to gauge their relative performance based on their past clients’ experience and feedback.

Reputable personal injury lawyers understand the legal system of working with insurance companies when it comes to claims. They have an established track record of successful past dealings and satisfied clients.

So, you might want to ask the lawyer to refer you to three to five clients they have work with in the last 12 months. Their past clients should be able to give you their personal accounts of working with the lawyer.

A good attorney should also be known for doing things the right way within the provided legal framework.

Pick the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney!

Up to 95 percent of personal injury claims are usually settled pre-trial. So, whether your case goes to trial or resolves before trial, it makes sense to work with a lawyer with a solid history of negotiations with insurers.

Your lawyer should be able to obtain a reasonable settlement amount with a few costs are possible. Make sure you’re confident about your lawyer before signing the agreement.

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