Safety First: 5 Driving on Ice Tips for Evening Commutes

driving on ice tips

You’re driving in sub-zero temperatures and the light is low, suddenly your tires lose traction and your car starts to slide.

Do you steer hard, pump the gas or slam on the break? Failing to make the right decision at this moment could not only cost you a hefty insurance fee but also your safety. 

Fatal accidents are 33% more likely to happen at night, and 24% of weather-related accidents are caused by snowy roads. 

But you don’t need to contribute to road traffic accident statistics. Read on for our top five driving on ice tips. read more


Tips for Driving in Snow for Beginners and What to Do if You’re in an Accident

tips for driving in the snow

Driving in snow can feel like magic. But it is very risky. 

Over 1,300 Americans are killed every year in car accidents on snowy pavement. 76,000 more people get injured. 

It is essential that you emphasize safety while car driving in snow. But few people know how to adapt to inclement weather. Luckily, you can learn basic safety tips in no time. 

Here are some essential tips for driving in the snow. 

Get Prepared

Prepare for the snow well in advance. Make sure your tires are in top condition. They should have firm tread and be at the proper tire pressure.  read more

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