Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Spokane After A Winter Car Accident

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While winter may be delightful, the weather can be quite frightful, especially on the roads.

People take a safety risk every day just by driving. In bad weather, that risk increases.

People are rushing around before the holidays. That’s why it’s so easy to get into an accident during the winter season.

Of course, you should always drive carefully, but you can’t control the way people drive or the weather.

What do you do if you get injured in a car accident during winter and your insurance doesn’t want to cover the expenses? read more


What Not to Do After a Spokane Car Accident

spokane car accidentThe weather conditions in Spokane can be quite a mishmash of extremes during the Winter months. One day we’re having a nice, shiny day and the next we’re having to cross the frozen, snow-swept tundra!

Anyone from the area can tell you that when these swings happen — there’s bound to be some trouble on the road.

Many of these accidents happen during the first real storm because it catches people off guard and not everyone has adjusted (let alone those visiting the state that may not have driven in snow before). read more


The Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer’s Rules for Winter Driving

Let it snow! Or so the old song goes.

But along with winter cheer comes the dreaded need to travel. And if you live in Spokane, you know how grumpy Old Man Winter can get.

He likes to dump piles of snow on our highways. And then melt it. And then freeze it again. And dump more snow on top of the ice.

And then melt it. And then freeze it again. And dump more snow on top of the ice.

70% of accidental deaths in winter happen in vehicles. And more than 110,000 people are injured on slick or icy roads each winter. I don’t want you to be one of those statistics. I’d rather see you safe than on crutches or dead. read more

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