accident in snow

Accident In Snow: Your First Steps to Safety

In Car Accident Attorney Spokane WA by Jeremy Friedland

accident in snow

Approximately 24 percent of weather-related crashes take place on slushy, icy, or snowy pavement. If you live in any one of the dozens of states that experience winter driving conditions, you’re likely to experience a car accident in snow and ice. 

Furthermore, you can follow all the winter driving safety tips you’ve read, and winter driving accidents still happen. You can help yourself best by knowing what to do once you have an accident. Keep reading to learn about the best way to prepare and respond when you have an accident in the snow. 

Prepare For an Accident in Snow

You can best respond to an accident by being prepared ahead of time. Always carry a winter survival kit in your vehicle.

The kit should include some small traffic cones and a brightly colored blanket or tarp, a bottle of water, high-calorie food like a candy bar, a blanket, and a flashlight. Include a couple of extra hats and sets of gloves as well. Think about what you’d need if you’re stuck somewhere cold. 

Escape to Safety

Before you call 911, get out of your vehicle and move to safety. Stay away from the highway. When you stand on the road, you put yourself at risk of having a vehicle hit you. 

Call For Help

Call the police by calling 911. Calm your mind. You’ll have to answer questions such as where you are, what happened, and what type of injuries they should prepare for. If you can, check on individuals in other cars so you can tell the dispatcher if you or others need immediate medical attention. 

Don’t Move

Once you’ve talked to the 911 dispatcher, don’t move. Don’t attempt to go for help, but instead, stay where you are. If you can, stay visible and break out those cones you have stashed in your winter survival kit. 

When you have an accident in winter weather, there’s a possibility the weather will obscure the accident scene. Use the flashlight you have stashed in your kit to make yourself and the accident scene visible. 

Take Pictures

If you can, take pictures. Use your cell phone to snapshots of the accident scene, the vehicles, and injuries. You will need physical proof of the accident for your insurance and the insurance companies of others involved in the accident.

Pictures will be the only way you can share your side of the story if other drivers attempt to blame you for the accident. 

Accept Medical Attention

You may feel fine after having an accident, but you should still seek medical attention. Internal injuries often do not show up immediately but can be fatal. 

Know the signs of internal bleeding so you can monitor yourself even after you’ve received medical attention. Internal bleeding and trauma can be slow and not show up until well after the trauma occurred. 

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Stay Calm, Act Purposefully

When you have an accident in snow, you should stay calm and move methodically. Get out of the way of harm, check on other victims, and call for help. If you follow these basic steps, you’ll minimize the risk of further tragedy. 

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