Defensive Driving Techniques

5 Defensive Driving Techniques for Snowy Days in Spokane

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Defensive Driving TechniquesDefensive driving techniques are all about protecting yourself and your car – avoiding accidents and keeping your passengers safe.

Spokane experiences more than average snowfall among cities in the USA. And its snowfall record is set at 3.2 inches in a single day.

And 24% of accidents relating to the weather occur in snowy and icy conditions.

Here are six defensive driving techniques to keep you safe while driving in Spokane when it’s snowing.

1. Prepare Your Tires

Your tires need to be ready for the snow.

Check your car manual for the correct tire pressure for these conditions, or ask the manufacturer. In particularly bad conditions, you may need snow chains for extra grip.

And make sure the tires have plenty of tread left. If they’re becoming ‘bald’ you need to replace them before any winter driving.

If you’re unsure, check with a local garage before the first snowfall.

2. Drive At a Safe Speed

Snowy roads spell danger, particularly if the snow has been compacted by other drivers.

The icy conditions can cause your tires to slip out from underneath you, even at relatively slow speeds. And if your brakes lock up you might find yourself sliding towards an obstruction with no control.

Be aware of your speed and slow down a fair bit. Make sure you know how your brakes will react in these conditions. Try driving slowly along your own street first and pump the brakes for a bit to get a feel for braking in the snow.

3. Give Yourself Extra Distance to Stop

Driving on ice and snow means that your car won’t stop as quickly as it would under normal conditions.

Leave extra space between yourself and the car in front. And make sure you’ve got plenty of space when you need to stop, for example at a red light.

4. Check Your Fluids

In very low temperatures, water and other car fluids can freeze up. Make sure they’re all working fine before you drive.

And top up your antifreeze too! Never forget to do this on a regular basis during the winter months.

Like with your tires, it’s a defensive technique to ensure that your car is working as well as possible before you hit the road.

5. Accelerate Slowly

Accelerating (and decelerating) gently will give you greater control over your car.

Don’t stomp on the gas or the brake. Ease on and ease off. Take your time.

Fast acceleration can cause excess wheel spin when the tread can’t grip. This can result in a loss of control or a dangerous skid.

When Defensive Driving Techniques Don’t Prevent an Accident

Unfortunately, snowy conditions do lead to more accidents than normal. And even the best driver could find themselves involved if another vehicle causes the accident.

Have you been injured on a snowy Spokane day, in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? You need a great attorney on your side.

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