winter driving safety tips

4 Essential Winter Driving Safety Tips

In Car Accident Lawyers in Spokane WA by Jeremy Friedland

winter driving safety tips

Driving during winter is a perilous affair for navigating snowy, slushy, and ice-slick roads. In fact, some 116,800 individuals are injured each year due to winter driving conditions.

Knowing a few winter driving safety tips helps you avoid dangerous events.

In this article, we’ll help you navigate the winter roadways. We’ll also help you understand if you do get into an accent. And, why you’ll want to contact a personal injury attorney in Spokane if something were to happen.

1. Don’t Drive if You Don’t Need To

The simplest way to eliminate winter driving dangers is removing it as a factor!

  • Avoid driving if it’s unnecessary
  • Group trips together into one outing
  • Opt for home delivery vs pick-ups

The less you’re on the road the better. You can’t be a statistic if you’re not participating!

2. Clear off the Vehicle Before Heading Out

Getting on the roads with snow piled on is a danger for everyone. 

These build-ups become a danger when dislodged on roadways. A pile of snow, slush, or debris could slam into other drivers (or you). So, shovel off the snow and scrape down the windows of ice. If you need extra incentive: it’s the law.

3. Keep up With Maintenance Else Get It Serviced

Car troubles are exacerbated when driving on slick roadways cause by slow, slush, and ice.

Maintain the vehicle or get it serviced in areas like:

  • Brakes
  • Oil & fluids
  • Wipers
  • Tires
  • Battery

Now’s also a good time to put a few essentials in the back like a snow shovel, jumper cables, and emergency roadside kit. It’s better to be prepared than stuck on the side of the snowy roads this winter!

4. Stay Alert and Be Vigilant About Safety

Don’t just focus on your safe winter driving efforts

…factor in everyone around you.

  • Don’t succumb to common distractions like the radio, passengers, or your phone
  • Be mindful of sleep-deprived driving when you head out the door (for yourself and others)
  • Find alternative routes if your normal way seems ‘off’
  • Get into the habit of scanning your peripherals for dangers as you cruise the roadways

Take your time and be vigilant about how people are driving around you. Doing so helps to quickly react to dangerous roadway events and avoid incidents.

When Winter Driving Safety Tips Aren’t Enough

Do call medical services if it’s a serious accident (if you can).

For minor winter driving accidents:

  • Move over to the side of the road (if possible)
  • Get out of the vehicle and move to a safe area
  • Collect photos/videos and info from all parties involved
  • Contact your insurance company and local authorities

You may also want to contact an auto accident attorney in Spokane, who can help you navigate the post-accident process. They provide aid if you seek legal actions against the other party. And, make dealing with the insurance company less cumbersome.

Injured? Don’t Wait. Call Our Legal Team Today

Learn all the winter driving safety tips and do your best to follow them. But…

…accidents happen.

If you’ve been injured due to a winter driving accident and want/need to pursue action then speak with one of our attorneys. Get in touch through our contact page. Or, request a free consultation and honest evaluation from our professionals at 509-838-9111.